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Available in 12mm Only
Code Name Image Price
S003-12 Malachite (12mm only) $18.00
S010 Agate-Burgundy (dyed) (12mm only) $18.00
S011 Agate-Crazy Lace(12mm only) $18.00
S021 Agate-White (dyed) (12mm only) $18.00
S022 Amazonite (12mm only) $18.00
S024 Cape Amethyst (12mm only) $18.00
S028 Fossil-Black (dyed) (12mm only) $18.00
S030 Fossil-Magenta (dyed) (12mm only) $18.00
S057 Jasper - Yellow (dyed) (12mm only) $18.00
S058 Jasper - Zebra (12mm only) $18.00
S069 Pyrite - Dalmation (12mm only) $18.00
S071 Quartzite - Green (dyed) (12mm only) $18.00
S072 Quartzite - Lavender (dyed) (12mm only) $18.00
S076 Quartzite-Red (dyed) (12mm only) $18.00
S080 Red Tiger Eye (dyed) (12mm only) $18.00
S089 Tiger Eye-Iron (12mm only) $18.00
S103 Glowball-Mint (12mm only) $18.00
S112 Denim Quartz (12mm only) $18.00
S114 Violet Quartzite (dyed) (12mm only) $18.00
S124 "Confetti - Spring Fling" (12mm only) $18.00
S127 "Confetti - Coral and White" (12mm only) $18.00
S129 "Confetti - Red and Camel" (12mm only) $18.00
S132-12 "Confetti - Blue and White" $18.00
S133 "Confetti - Red and White" (12mm only) $18.00
S134 "Confetti - Summer Fun" (12mm only) $18.00
S142 Spring Mosaics - Valentine's Day (12mm only) $18.00
S144 Spring Mosaics - Mardi Gras (12mm only) $18.00
S145 Spring Mosaics - St. Patrick's Day (12mm only) $18.00
S146 Spring Mosaics - Easter Basket (12mm only) $18.00
S147 Spring Mosaics - Earth Day (12mm only) $18.00
S148 Autumn Mosaics - Lavender (12mm only) $18.00
S149 Autumn Mosaics - Sunflower (12mm only) $18.00
S152 Autumn Mosaics - Mountain Rock (12mm only) $18.00
S153 Autumn Mosaics - Coastal Rock (12mm only) $18.00
S154 Orange Imperial Jasper (12mm only) $18.00
S162 Salmon Agate (12mm only) $18.00
S165 "Tickled Pink" (12mm only) $18.00
S168 "Cool - A - Rama" $18.00
SAG012 Lymon Tiger (12mm only) $45.00
SAG021 Cobalt Tiger (12mm only) $45.00
SAG024 Yellow Retro (12mm only) $45.00
SAG029 Red Tiger (12mm only) $45.00
SAG030 Tangerine Mardi Gras (12mm only) $45.00
SAG035 Sunshine Art Glass (12mm only) $45.00
SAG039 Red/Yellow Flower Power (12mm only) $45.00
SAG041 Baby Blue Flower Power (12mm only) $45.00
SAG042 Blue Glow Flower Power (12mm only) $45.00
SAG064 Blue/Red Flower Power (12mm only) $45.00
SAG066 Yankee Doodles (12mm only) $45.00
SAG074 Blue/White Corkscrew (12mm only) $45.00
SAG089 Ebony & White (12mm only) $45.00
SAG092 Autumn (12mm only) $45.00
SAG098 Green Corkscrew (12mm only) $45.00
SAG099 Oriental Flower (12mm only) $45.00
SAG112 Dolphins (12mm only) $45.00
SAG136 Holiday Magic (12mm only) $45.00
SAG142 Black/White Corkscrew (12mm only) $45.00
SAG156 Jalapeno (12mm only) $45.00
SAG228 Ocean Blue and Yellow Flower (12mm only) $45.00
SCL01 Red Cloisonne (12mm only) $27.00
SCL02 Light Blue Cloisonne (12m only) $27.00
SCL03 Black Cloisonne (12mm only) $27.00
SCL05 Green Cloisonne (12mm only) $27.00
SM02 Blue (12mm only) $18.00
SM07 Evergreen $18.00
SM08 Grey (12mm only) $0.00
SM09 Kelly Green (12mm only) $0.00
SM15 Orange (12mm only) $18.00
SM19 Teal (12mm only) $18.00
SM23 Bahama Blue (12mm only)   $18.00
SMB01 Black/Cranberry (12mm only) $18.00
SMB02 Black/Orange (12mm only) $18.00
SMB04 Black/Yellow (12mm only) $18.00
SMB11 Kelly Green/Cranberry (12mm only) $18.00
SMB14 Kiwi Green/Orange (12mm only) $18.00
SMB15 Orange/White (12mm only) $18.00
SMB17 Teal/Pink (12mm only) $18.00
SMB23 Ultra-Marine/Yellow (12mm only) $18.00
SN01-12 Amber $55.00
SN24 Rhodochrosite (12mm only) $0.00
SN42 Beach Ball Onyx/White Howlite (12mm only) $0.00
SUAG01 Sea Grass (12mm only) $0.00
SUAG05 Teal Snowball (12mm only) $0.00
SUAG06 Copper/Green Snowball (12mm only) $0.00
SUAG08 Lime Twist (12mm only) $0.00
SUAG10 Christmas (12mm only) $0.00
SUAG11 Limies (12mm only) $0.00
SUAG13 Blue on Blue Twist (12mm only) $0.00
SUAG15 Champagne (12mm only) $0.00
SUAG18 Red Bleeding Hearts (12mm only) $0.00
SUAG24 Uncle Sam (12mm only) $0.00
SYN02 Aqua Aura-Titanium (12mm Only) $0.00
SYN12 Faceted CZ-Clear $0.00
SYN14 Faceted CZ-Lavender $0.00
SYN17 Faceted CZ-Light Purple $0.00
SYN18 Faceted CZ-Red $0.00
SYN19 Faceted CZ-Yellow $0.00
SYN20 Faceted Qtz.-Light Blue $0.00
SYN21 Faceted Qtz.-Royal Blue $0.00
SYN24 Faceted Qtz.-Mint Green $0.00
SYN25 Faceted Qtz. Smoky (dark) $0.00
SYN28 Festiball-Green (12mm only) $0.00
SYN29 Festiball-Pink (12mm only) $0.00
SYN34 Spaceball-White (12mm Only) $0.00
SYN35 Spaceball-Black (12mm only) $0.00
SYN37 Synthetic Corundum-Red (12mm only) $0.00
SYN46 Syn. Opal-Red (12mm only) $0.00
S103 Glowball-Mint (12mm only) $18.00
S112 Denim Quartz (12mm only) $18.00
S124 "Confetti - Spring Fling" (12mm only) $18.00

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