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Diamond Collection
   Standard Spheres
Available in 12mm Only

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Standard Spheres
Code Name Image
S001-10* Tiger Eye - 10mm
S002-10* Carnelian - 10mm
S005-10* Hematite - 10mm
S006-10* Black Onyx
S007-10* African Turquoise
S009-10* Agate Botswana
S012-10* Agate-Light Blue (dyed)
S013-10* Agate-Magenta (dyed)
S014-10* Agate-Moss
S015-10* Agate-Mushroom
S016-10* Agate-Peach (dyed)
S017-10* Agate-Pink (dyed)
S018-10* Agate-Purple (dyed)
S020-10 Agate-Tree
S023-10* Aventurine
S025-10* Chinese Writing
S026-10* Dumortierite
S027-10* Fossil-Beige
S029-10* Fossil-Green (dyed)
S033-10* Fossil-Red (dyed)
S034-10* Fossil-Teal (dyed)
S035-10* Glass-Blue (dyed)
S036-10* Glass-Green (dyed)
S037-10* Glass-Mint Green (dyed) (10mm only)
S038-10* Glass-Orange (dyed)
S039-10* Glass-Purple (dyed)
S040-10* Glass-Red (dyed)
S041-10* Glass-Yellow (dyed)
S042-10* Goldleaf
S043-10* Goldstone (syn.)
S044-10* Goldstone-Indigo (syn.)
S045-10* Green Spot
S046-10* Howlite-American (dyed)
S047-10* Howlite-Chinese (dyed)
S048-10* Howlite-White
S049-10* Jasper - Chocolate
S050-10* Jasper - Dalmation
S051-10* Jasper - Fancy
S052-10* Jasper - Leopard
S053-10* Jasper - Picture
S054-10* Jasper - Poppy (light)
S055-10* Jasper - Poppy (dark)
S056-10* Jasper - Red
S059-10* Lapis Nevada
S060-10* Lodolite
S061-10* Nephrite
S063-10* Onyx - Green
S064-10* Onyx - Honey
S065-10* Onyx - White
S066-10* Picasso Marble
S067-10* Pink Spot
S068-10* Pyrite
S070-10* Quartzite - Dark Blue (dyed)
S073-10* Quartzite-Lt. Blue (dyed)
S074-10* Quartzite-Peach (dyed)
S075-10* Quartzite-Pink (dyed)
S077-10* Quartzite-Yellow (dyed)
S079-10* Red Aventurine
S081-10* Rhodonite
S082-10* Rock Crystal
S083-10* Rose Quartz
S084-10* Ryolite
S085-10* Serpentine
S086-10* Silverleaf
S087-10* Snowflake Obsidian
S088-10* Tiger Eye-Blue (dyed)
S090-10* Unakite
S091-10* Volcanic Glass
S092-10* Moonstone (syn.) (10mm only)
S095-10* Green Goldstone (syn.)
S096-10* Fossil-Caramel (dyed)
S097-10* Mint Howlite
S098-10* Mookite
S099-10* Petercite-Burgundy
S100-10* Petercite Dijon
S101-10* Glass-Red,White,Blue
S105-10* Glowball-Yellow
S107-10* Glowball-Custard
S109-10* Glowball-Peach
S111-10* Cherry Glass
S113-10* Coral (Synthetic)
S115-10* Cognac Glass
S116-10* Bubblegum Pink
S117-10* Meadow Green
S118-10* Turquoise (Synthetic)
S119-10* Pumpkin Orange
S120-10* White Zebra Jasper
S122-10* Sunshine Yellow
S123-10* Sugilite (Synthetic)
S128-10* "Confetti - Blue and Green"
S130-10* "Confetti - Black and White"
S131-10* "Confetti - Green and Pink"
S132-12 "Confetti - Blue and White"
S136-10* Winter Mosaics - Red
S137-10* Winter Mosaics - Green
S138-10* Winter Mosaics - Pink
S139-10* Winter Mosaics - White and Black
S140-10* Winter Mosaics - Blue
S141-10* Winter Mosaics - Multi
S143-10* Spring Mosaics - Rodeo Time
S150-10* Autumn Mosaics - Bamboo Leaf
S151-10* Autumn Mosaics - Beach Gems
S155-10* Wavestone
S156-10* Gold Copperstone
S157-10* Blue Bloodstone (10mm only)
S158-10* Quartz Pyrite
S159-10* Lepidolite
S160-10* Rhodochrosite
S161-10* Labradorite
S163-10* Larkspur
S166-10* "Tropical Fun"
S167-10* "Funkadelic"
S169-10* "Catch a Wave"
S170-10* "Twilight"
S171-10* "Happy Fun Ball"
S172-10* "Carnival"
S173-10* "Ring of Fire"
S174-10* "Sand Art"
S175 "Black and Light"
S176-10* Red Imperial Jasper (dyed)
S177-10* Kiwi Imperial Jasper (dyed)
S178-10* Blue Imperial Jasper (dyed)
S179-10* Purple Imperial Jasper (dyed)
S180-10* Pink Imperial Jasper (dyed)
S182-10* Peachy Pink
S183-10* Robin's Egg Blue
S184-10* Ocean Teal
S185-10* Red Gabion
S186-10* Grain Stone
S187-10* Winter White
SM01-10* Black
SM03-10* Burgundy
SM04-10* Cinnamon
SM05-10* Cranberry
SM06-10* Electric Kiwi
SM10-10* Kiwi Green
SM11-10* Lemon Yellow
SM12-10* Mocha
SM13-10* Ocean Blue
SM14-10* Olive Green
SM16-10* Pink
SM17-10* Purple
SM18-10* Tangerine
SM20-10* Ultra-Marine Blue
SM21-10* White
SM22-10* Yellow
SMB03-10* Black/White
SMB05-10* Blue/Pink
SMB06-10* Burgundy/Kiwi
SMB07-10* Burgundy/White
SMB08-10* Burgundy/Yellow
SMB09-10* Grey/Pink
SMB10-10* Grey/Yellow
SMB12-10* Kelly Green/White
SMB13-10* Kelly Green/Yellow
SMB16-10* Pink/White
SMB18-10* Ultra-Marine/Cranberry
SMB19-10* Ultra-Marine/Kelly Green
SMB20-10* Ultra-Marine/Tangerine
SMB21-10* Ultra-Marine/Teal
SMB22-10* Ultra-Marine/White
SMT1-10* Pink/White/Blue MMCE
SMT2-10* Pink/White/Kelly MMCE
SMT3-10* Kelly/Orange/Ultra MMCE
SMT4-10* Orange/White/Kelly MMCE

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