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   Standard Spheres
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Standard Spheres
Code Name Image
S001 Tiger Eye
S002 Carnelian
S003 Malachite
S005 Hematite
S006 Black Onyx
S007 African Turquoise
S009 Agate Botswana
S012 Agate-Light Blue (dyed)
S013 Agate-Magenta (dyed)
S014 Agate-Moss
S015 Agate-Mushroom
S016 Agate-Peach (dyed)
S017 Agate-Pink (dyed)
S018 Agate-Purple (dyed)
S020 Agate-Tree
S023 Aventurine
S025 Chinese Writing
S026 Dumortierite
S027 Fossil-Beige
S029 Fossil-Green (dyed)
S033 Fossil-Red (dyed)
S034 Fossil-Teal (dyed)
S035 Glass-Blue (dyed)
S036 Glass-Green (dyed)
S037 Glass-Mint Green (dyed) (10mm only)
S038 Glass-Orange (dyed)
S039 Glass-Purple (dyed)
S040 Glass-Red (dyed)
S041 Glass-Yellow (dyed)
S042 Goldleaf
S043 Goldstone (syn.)
S044 Goldstone-Indigo (syn.)
S045 Green Spot
S046 Howlite-American (dyed)
S047 Howlite-Chinese (dyed)
S048 Howlite-White
S049 Jasper - Chocolate
S050 Jasper - Dalmation
S051 Jasper - Fancy
S052 Jasper - Leopard
S053 Jasper - Picture
S054 Jasper - Poppy (light)
S055 Jasper - Poppy (dark)
S056 Jasper - Red
S059 Lapis Nevada
S060 Lodolite
S061 Nephrite
S063 Onyx - Green
S064 Onyx - Honey
S065 Onyx - White
S066 Picasso Marble
S067 Pink Spot
S068 Pyrite
S069 Pyrite - Dalmation
S070 Quartzite - Dark Blue (dyed)
S071 Quartzite - Green (dyed) (12mm only)
S073 Quartzite-Lt. Blue (dyed)
S074 Quartzite-Peach (dyed)
S075 Quartzite-Pink (dyed)
S077 Quartzite-Yellow (dyed)
S079 Red Aventurine
S081 Rhodonite
S082 Rock Crystal
S083 Rose Quartz
S084 Ryolite
S085 Serpentine
S086 Silverleaf
S087 Snowflake Obsidian
S088 Tiger Eye-Blue (dyed)
S090 Unakite
S091 Volcanic Glass
S092 Moonstone (syn.)
S095 Green Goldstone (syn.)
S096 Fossil-Caramel (dyed)
S097 Mint Howlite
S098 Mookite
S099 Petercite-Burgundy
S100 Petercite Dijon
S101 Glass-Red,White,Blue
S105 Glowball-Yellow
S107 Glowball-Custard
S109 Glowball-Peach
S111 Cherry Glass
S113 Coral (Synthetic)
S115 Cognac Glass
S116 Bubblegum Pink
S117 Meadow Green
S118 Turquoise (Synthetic)
S119 Pumpkin Orange
S120 White Zebra Jasper
S122 Sunshine Yellow
S123 Sugilite (Synthetic)
S127 "Confetti - Coral and White" (12mm only)
S128 "Confetti - Blue and Green"
S129 "Confetti - Red and Camel"
S130 "Confetti - Black and White"
S131 "Confetti - Green and Pink"
S132 "Confetti - Blue and White"
S133 "Confetti - Red and White" (12mm only)
S136 Winter Mosaics - Red
S137 Winter Mosaics - Green
S138 Winter Mosaics - Pink
S139 Winter Mosaics - White and Black
S140 Winter Mosaics - Blue
S141 Winter Mosaics - Multi
S143 Spring Mosaics - Rodeo Time
S150 Autumn Mosaics - Bamboo Leaf
S151 Autumn Mosaics - Beach Gems
S155 Wavestone
S156 Gold Copperstone
S157 Blue Bloodstone (10mm only)
S158 Quartz Pyrite
S159 Lepidolite
S160 Rhodochrosite
S161 Labradorite
S163 Larkspur
S166 "Tropical Fun"
S167 "Funkadelic"
S169 "Catch a Wave"
S170 "Twilight"
S171 "Happy Fun Ball"
S172 "Carnival"
S173 "Ring of Fire"
S174 "Sand Art"
S175 "Black and Light"
S176 Red Imperial Jasper (dyed)
S177 Kiwi Imperial Jasper (dyed)
S178 Blue Imperial Jasper (dyed)
S179 Purple Imperial Jasper (dyed)
S180 Pink Imperial Jasper (dyed)
S182 Peachy Pink
S183 Robin's Egg Blue
S184 Ocean Teal
S185 Red Gabion
S186 Grain Stone
S187 Winter White
SM01 Black
SM03 Burgundy
SM04 Cinnamon
SM05 Cranberry
SM06 Electric Kiwi
SM07 Evergreen
SM10 Kiwi Green
SM11 Lemon Yellow
SM12 Mocha
SM13 Ocean Blue
SM14 Olive Green
SM16 Pink
SM17 Purple
SM18 Tangerine
SM20 Ultra-Marine Blue
SM21 White
SM22 Yellow
SMB03 Black/White
SMB05 Blue/Pink
SMB06 Burgundy/Kiwi
SMB07 Burgundy/White
SMB08 Burgundy/Yellow
SMB09 Grey/Pink
SMB10 Grey/Yellow
SMB12 Kelly Green/White
SMB13 Kelly Green/Yellow
SMB16 Pink/White
SMB18 Ultra-Marine/Cranberry
SMB19 Ultra-Marine/Kelly Green
SMB20 Ultra-Marine/Tangerine
SMB21 Ultra-Marine/Teal
SMB22 Ultra-Marine/White
SMT1 Pink/White/Blue MMCE
SMT2 Pink/White/Kelly MMCE
SMT3 Kelly/Orange/Ultra MMCE
SMT4 Orange/White/Kelly MMCE

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